Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mekaal Hasan Band in the final run for Music Think Tank 2009/ 2010 International Awards and Festival

The Mekaal Hasan Band has been selected by the Music Think Tank 2009/2010 International Awards and Festival as one of the many, many entrants vying for the fantastic awards offered by the association.

While the details are laid out in depth on Facebook and the official website ( and take a bit of time to really plough through, what seems to be the gist of this is that music acts of all kinds could submit their “proposal” supported by their internet presence, such as a MySpace profile and then wait to be shortlisted as finalists. As it happens, Mekaal Hasan Band has made it to the finalists' list and support can be shown to them by voting for them on Music Think Tank's Facebook page.

This is what is really interesting though - while people from all around the world are voting for their favourite band or individual, currently the first couple of pages on the Facebook group are dominated by votes for MHB! It really seems that the band has managed to gain thousands of fans across the country who would like nothing better than to see the band win something fabulous like “1 Music Video realized by STARWORKS (Incognito, Deasonika, Mtv, United Nations, Benetton and more)”, or “1 Mix & Mastering realized by Dario Dendi (Coldplay, Killers, Stereophonics, Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Tina Turner, etc)”.

Our fingers are crossed for MHB! You guys can vote here LINK.. Simply Join the Group and wirte "Vote for Mekaal Hasan Band"!

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