Monday, March 29, 2010

Annie might have you dancing to her tune with 'Do You See Me'

"The next song is from my second album," says a breathless, onstage Annie as people can be heard cheering in the background, "jo abhi release nahi hui hai (which hasn't been released yet".

'Do You See Me', Annie's as yet to be released bi-lingual song is not fabulous, but it is better than what we have heard from Annie, ever. Actually, not ever, but the 'Tenu Takya' song was not entirely hers, so 'Do You See Me' is a step forward for the best.

The song starts with a pumping beat and one can almost imagine Annie picturing her song being the next big dance thing. Actually, if it does become the next big dance number (probably via Bollywood), one wouldn't be too surprised. The music is slightly reminiscent of existing club favourites (of yore), a little bit Britney Spears, a tinge Madonna, and hence has a familiar vibe to it. On the other hand it precariously sits on the wall that divides dance/pop from the kitschy 'club songs' that are filmed across the border in Emraan Hashmi flicks. If the song hasn't yet seen its final mix, it might be a good idea to work on the rough edges, perhaps take the borderline bhangra intro out and replace it with something more streamlined to fit the rest of the song.
While the song itself is a bit of an improvement over other Annie numbers that have become popular over the last five years or so, Annie still looks exactly the same.
Now this could sound like music to some ears, but as Annie is still a young girl she has a while to go before she looks like she has aged. Conversely, as Annie is a young girl, one is flabbergasted as to why she refuses to employ the services of a stylist and structure her long, long (not to mention very dense) curls. Similarly, the choice of outfit for this performance is a bit of a mystery as well. Last time we checked, Morticia Addams was a popular personality to channel for fancy dress, not for concerts. Yet Annie is inexplicably dressed in a long suede dress with lace sleeves and roses on.
What 'Do You See Me' can do, or probably has done, for Annie is make a bunch of people actually look forward to her next album - because if this single is a sample, then the rest of the album might just be a pleasant surprise.


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