Friday, March 5, 2010

Asad Abbas new Mekaal Hasan Band vocalist

Mekaal Hasan Band (MHB) had left their fans impatient and restless after news broke out that they were without a lead singer. It seemed to be a question on everybody's mind and lips: Who would fill up the empty space? However it seems that the guessing game is now finally over. People can finally stop trying to solve this mystery as the band has now announced the addition of a new member to their team.

After certain rumours had developed and managed to infiltrate the air, MHB announced on their official fan page, that they had chosen the youthful and fresh new-comer, Asad Abbas as their lead singer. Asad Abbas is the same soulful singer that had made his presence acknowledged on Pakistan Sangeet Icon, by displaying incredible vocal talent, and further enhancing his position by winning the show, and the one-crore contract!

However, some seemed uncertain about this dramatic change, and almost resentful. Some have raised concern whether this youngster can live up to the band's name and reputation.

On the other hand, we are hopeful, and congratulate Asad on this wonderful opportunity. We wish him and the band success in their journey together, while we're yet again waiting for them impatiently to produce some music together.

Story Published in Instep Today

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