Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ATIF ASLAM Live in Karachi

Leads Overseas Travel Presents ATIF ASLAM Live in Karachi At Cartlon Hotel
Date: 18th April 2010

For Tickets Contact:

*For Clifton and Seaview call 0345 2208768 - 0333-3090901
*For phase 4 till 8 call 0300-2242107
*For phase 1, 2 and extension call 03212189558
*For PECHS call 0334 3852399
*For Gulshan & Nazimadad call 0333-30909...01

Ticket Also Available At

*Laraib Music Store - Boat Basin
*Subway - Zamzama
*Cartlon Hotel Phase 8

Monday, March 29, 2010

Annie might have you dancing to her tune with 'Do You See Me'

"The next song is from my second album," says a breathless, onstage Annie as people can be heard cheering in the background, "jo abhi release nahi hui hai (which hasn't been released yet".

'Do You See Me', Annie's as yet to be released bi-lingual song is not fabulous, but it is better than what we have heard from Annie, ever. Actually, not ever, but the 'Tenu Takya' song was not entirely hers, so 'Do You See Me' is a step forward for the best.

The song starts with a pumping beat and one can almost imagine Annie picturing her song being the next big dance thing. Actually, if it does become the next big dance number (probably via Bollywood), one wouldn't be too surprised. The music is slightly reminiscent of existing club favourites (of yore), a little bit Britney Spears, a tinge Madonna, and hence has a familiar vibe to it. On the other hand it precariously sits on the wall that divides dance/pop from the kitschy 'club songs' that are filmed across the border in Emraan Hashmi flicks. If the song hasn't yet seen its final mix, it might be a good idea to work on the rough edges, perhaps take the borderline bhangra intro out and replace it with something more streamlined to fit the rest of the song.
While the song itself is a bit of an improvement over other Annie numbers that have become popular over the last five years or so, Annie still looks exactly the same.
Now this could sound like music to some ears, but as Annie is still a young girl she has a while to go before she looks like she has aged. Conversely, as Annie is a young girl, one is flabbergasted as to why she refuses to employ the services of a stylist and structure her long, long (not to mention very dense) curls. Similarly, the choice of outfit for this performance is a bit of a mystery as well. Last time we checked, Morticia Addams was a popular personality to channel for fancy dress, not for concerts. Yet Annie is inexplicably dressed in a long suede dress with lace sleeves and roses on.
What 'Do You See Me' can do, or probably has done, for Annie is make a bunch of people actually look forward to her next album - because if this single is a sample, then the rest of the album might just be a pleasant surprise.

YOUTUBE Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wnHk-_1JNQ

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Falak's debut delivers on the dance front

The Pakistani music industry has given us some things to be very proud of: some of our music icons have received international recognition, and have been immensely appreciated in India and the world over. However there are certain acts that go unnoticed, or rather, don't receive the amount of attention they deserve. One such artist worthy of applause is Falak Shabbir, whose debut album, Rog was released recently.

Even though this 25-year-old boy from Lahore is relatively new in the industry, he gained much popularity in 2008 with his hit single, 'Rog', as this fast-paced Punjabi song managed to captivate its listeners with a catchy beat and cool background music. Falak also left a great first impression with the incredible styling in the video, which had been done by designer, Munib Nawaz. Therefore it wasn't just the song that caught its audience's attention, the general attitude and image of Falak stood out as well.

Falak came out with a second video 'Tera Saath Ho', again dressed to impress, and this time surprised us with his soft yet strong vocals in the song. With the previous single being slightly dancy, this time he showed his versatility with a slow love song. Falak has vocals which can drown out the music and have you paying attention to him only as he sings effortlessly, and with this song, he managed to do just that.

His third video for the song 'Mahia' was something that caught my attention completely. He introduced a third genre - techno for the song, further proving that he is a man of many talents. The video is bright, colourful and buzzing with an almost tangible energy. However, it wasn't the video this time that caught one's attention; the song itself is super catchy, being fast-paced and perfect to play on the dance floor at a party! It is definitely one of the best compositions on the album. The song is infectious to an addictive degree, and one can't help but listen to it over and over again.

After listening to these three songs, and finding them to be tunes that one could easily get hooked on to, it was time I bought the album. However, once I played the album on repeat to get a real feel for it, I realized that the best songs from the album were the ones which had been shown on television already. The rest of the album was simply ordinary, and ultimately forgettable.

The exciting trance number 'Mahia' has a rock version in the album as well: the lyrics are the same, but the flow of the song is different, as here you can hear more of electric guitars and heavy bass in the background. However, the song loses its edge here, as there was chemistry between the trance-ish music and the lyrics in the original version, and after removing the aspect which had attracted an audience in the first place, the song becomes dull and unattractive.

Another very creative song is 'Bad Boys', which is an amalgamation of English rap, along with Punjabi lyrics, and western music fused with Punjabi musical instruments. Towards the end of the song, the song slips into the bhangra genre, and the tone changes completely. It isn't a bad attempt, but it sounds very like the Josh and Sukhbir bhangra song 'Baan Phar Ke'.

Two songs in the album are very similar to each other. In fact, it seems like one song is the Punjabi version of the original, or vice versa. The Urdu version is called 'Mann Mein Kya' while the Punjabi version is called 'Mandiyaan'. The songs sound almost the same apart from the difference in languages and therefore the lyrics, and while they are not the most special melodies to ever have been sung, they are not half bad.

Falak then furnishes Rog with the quintessential patriotic song called 'Aao Milkar', which is slightly disappointing. He has showcased his ability to perform with bursting energy and enthusiasm, and one would expect something powerful from him, if he were performing a patriotic song. However, the song does not meet one's expectations. It isn't very energetic; in fact, it's more on the mellow side. It also does not stand out in the album, and sounds quite similar to some of the other songs in the album. However, the beat is still kind of catchy, and is something one can listen to.

Another song which is upbeat and fast paced, is 'Udhaar', which is a fun song talking about spending our youth in a reckless way, worrying about things such as friends, playing the guitar, and borrowing money all the time and not paying it back. The concept sounds very Ali Haider-ish, a la 'Purani Jeans'.
The other tracks in the album are on the slower side, such as 'Teri Yaad' and 'Intezaar', which are also leisurely love songs, but aren't very memorable, and don't really make their place in one's mind after they've been listened to.

Finally, the album ends with an 'urban mix' of the original single, 'Rog'. This version is even more contagious than the original version: It has the same melodious flute and guitar in the background, but a slightly more foot-tapping beat to it.

Falak has proved that he has incredible vocals, and he sings with ease. His voice is soulful and smooth, and he manages to make every song work because of it, even though the musical composition or lyrics may not be that strong. Therefore we can expect better things from him in the future, even though this album was average, apart from three or four songs.

He should focus more on the music, and instead try to enhance the club/techno aspect of his music which is one genre not many Pakistani singers have ventured into and managed to surface successfully. But Falak's natural ability to work the dance genre to his favour is evidenced in his album, and one can almost foresee him carving a tight little niche for himself in Pakistan's music scene, if he attempts to.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Amanat and Mehreen to attend Air Race World Championship

Newest pop sensation Amanat Ali will join model turned actress Mehreen Raheal on an exclusive flight, in the much-hyped Red Bull Air Race World Championship that begins in Abu Dhabi, Friday (today). Both Pakistani stars have been specially invited to be a part of the two-day "high-speed, low-altitude" championship that enters its sixth straight year in 2010.

This is the first time that Pakistani showbiz stars are attending the Race where they will get to interact with the world's top pilots, besides rubbing shoulders with celebrities and media personalities from all over the world that have already descended on the picturesque UAE capital.

Last year saw an estimated 3.5 million spectators attending the races and 270 million followers of television broadcasts around the globe. The championship has the world's 15 best race pilots fly close to the ground at speeds reaching 370 km/hr (230 mph), while enduring forces of up to 12 Gs as they navigate unique and demanding race tracks made up of 20 metre high inflatable air gates. Ending March 27, Saturday (tomorrow), the championship is set to repeat its glorious history amid a cluster of international and our very own artists.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Atif Aslam Atlanta Concert 2010

Pictures are taken from Atif Aslam's Fanpage

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ali Azmat to play Dubai show with Shankar-Ehsan-Loy and Hrithik Roshan

What is better than Ali Azmat, the rockiest of rockstars in Pakistan unleashing his tunes to a packed audience in Dubai? Ali Azmat playing to the Dubai audience with "the brightest lights on the Asian music scene". Yes, Ali and the bright Asian lights will be playing at the Dubai Mega Mela come April and the rocker demands on his website (aliazmat.com) that anyone who wishes to be there be "ready to rock".

You must be wondering who the dazzling stars that Ali speaks of are: it is none other than the Shankar-Ehsan-Loy musical tri-tet and, wait for it, Hrithik Roshan! We wish we could fly out and see this show because can you imagine how cool it would be to watch Hrithik do his thang to 'Mein Chala'? It will be like modern dance interpretation, only better.

On the other hand, we wonder if the Shankar-Ehsan-Loy presence will make Ali tone his act down, out of politeness, because these are three musicians with a very different take on 'rock'.

That said, this show will absolutely be one to watch for, whether in person or for a televised version, because the mix that comes out of this collaboration (if they play together at all) should be intriguing.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

YASIR Akhtar Live in London

Yasir Akhtar performing LIVE in London on VENUS TV's Dinner and Dance on the 23rd March at Walthamstow Assembly Hall with Stereo Nation(Taz), Raghav, Roach Killa, DJ Gurps, Angrez Ali, Iffi-K, Dark MC, Khiza Sham, Navin Kundra, Raja Kashif and many more. Fans of Yasir Akhtar who are living in London dont miss the chance to see him Live:)!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Coke Studio Season 3

Coke Studio embodies a musical fusion of exciting elements and diverse influences, ranging from traditional eastern, modern western and regionally inspired music. Bringing alive the magic of live recordings and performances, Coke Studio prides itself on providing a musical platform which bridges barriers, celebrates diversity, encourages unity and instils a sense of Pakistani pride. Coke Studio is an inspired step by Coca-Cola for having created a platform where renowned as well as upcoming and less mainstream musicians from various genres can collaborate musically.

This year, after the unprecedented critical acclaim and huge popularity of Season 1, Coke Studio reignites our passion and returns to the heart of the live recording studio with a new artist line up, a different sound, an innovative house band and a brand new set of performances and episodes. This season, Rohail Hyatt’s musical genius draws together the fundamentals of collaborative music that will showcase Pakistan’s rich music culture by stitching into its fabric, traditional artists, folk music influences and regional instruments in collaboration with Pakistan’s contemporary mainstream artists.

With Season 1, Pakistan witnessed fusion in its natural essence and form combining not only classical eastern and contemporary western style vocals but instruments and musicians. Live collaborations were staged all summer aired every fortnight, on every television screen, simultaneously, across Pakistan.

And with Coke Studio’s Season 2, we delivered electrifying performances, surprise collaborations between artists and became the part of their interpretation of Pakistani music on a reinvented signature Coke Studio set.

Now Season 3 will demonstrates how creative boundaries can be defined, redefined and bridged through musical improvisation reflecting the vibrancy and artistic harmony of Pakistan’s artists. Listen to the plaintive sounds emanating from the mountains and valleys of the Frontier and Baluchistan, reverberating through the rivers of the Punjab and breaking out triumphantly into the sands of Sindh and out across the open seas.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mekaal Hasan Band in the final run for Music Think Tank 2009/ 2010 International Awards and Festival

The Mekaal Hasan Band has been selected by the Music Think Tank 2009/2010 International Awards and Festival as one of the many, many entrants vying for the fantastic awards offered by the association.

While the details are laid out in depth on Facebook and the official website (http://www.thethinktank.it) and take a bit of time to really plough through, what seems to be the gist of this is that music acts of all kinds could submit their “proposal” supported by their internet presence, such as a MySpace profile and then wait to be shortlisted as finalists. As it happens, Mekaal Hasan Band has made it to the finalists' list and support can be shown to them by voting for them on Music Think Tank's Facebook page.

This is what is really interesting though - while people from all around the world are voting for their favourite band or individual, currently the first couple of pages on the Facebook group are dominated by votes for MHB! It really seems that the band has managed to gain thousands of fans across the country who would like nothing better than to see the band win something fabulous like “1 Music Video realized by STARWORKS (Incognito, Deasonika, Mtv, United Nations, Benetton and more)”, or “1 Mix & Mastering realized by Dario Dendi (Coldplay, Killers, Stereophonics, Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Tina Turner, etc)”.

Our fingers are crossed for MHB! You guys can vote here LINK.. Simply Join the Group and wirte "Vote for Mekaal Hasan Band"!

Hadiqa Kiyani & Shahid Afridi become Environmental Envoys

These are the pictures from the launch of two Public Service Announcements: on water conservation and climate change. The launch was organised by UNDP Pakistan in collaboration with Ministry of Environment.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Annie and Atif: The prince and princess of pop get together for Bol

Truth be told, the one person we miss the most out of everyone who has gone AWOL in the Pakistani entertainment industry is Annie; "Annie Princess" as loads of people call her. She has to be one of the most charming women around at the moment, as even with a voice that probably only her best friend loves, you can’t really hate Annie. She is so sure of herself at all times, whether her music is, umm, not brilliant, or whether it is unabashedly talking about performing 'My Heart Will Go On’ as the first song she ever sung in public, as we wonder how Celine would feel about her kitsch hit being butchered at an Abrar concert - Annie just doesn’t care and sort of surges ahead like the force of nature she is.

So apart from some mighty strange rumours that have been doing the rounds about Annie of late, the one that we have plucked midair and chosen to dwell on is her collaborating with Atif on a song (or songs if we are really lucky) called 'Rootho Na’ on Shoaib Mansoor’s film Bol. Now that is a prospect that truly makes us happy, as Atif and Annie are two people who could get away with musical murder. And to be absolutely fair, the song 'Tenu Takya’ she had featured on a couple of years ago had been quite catchy and she sounded in tune on it. Putting Atif and Annie together is such a stroke of genius that we have permanently crossed our fingers for this to be actually true.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Atif Aslam & Shreya Ghoshal LIVE in concert

MPACT featuring Atif Aslam and Shreya Ghosal is coming to Ricoh Coliseum on Sunday, March 28, 2010. Don't miss your chance to catch Pakistani sensation Atif Aslam and one India's most awarded playback singers Shreya Ghoshal LIVE in concert. Here's your exclusive chance to purchase tickets before the public!

For Ticket details Visit http://www.ticketmaster.ca/event/10004442A3DB65BB

For ticket details visit

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pak Singer Hadiqa Kiyani is Flying High - Stunning Shots

Hadiqa's Voice a seamless unison of dolksy charisma and urbane melancholy-is a compelling nostalgic barrage of memories;
of dusky cold winter nights and sensual shiny summer days,
of musical revolution and endless hope.

Hadiqa's voice-;a seamless unison of folksy charisma and urbane melancholy-is a compelling nostalgic barrage of memories; of dusky cold winter nights and sensual shiny summer days, of musical revolutions and endless hope. Brimming with thematic cement and shock value her live acts burn with fire. Yet there's logic and delicacy of melody that she renders in every song she sings. Her octave bending pitch of falsetto ecstasy makes one sit up and notice.

Looking like a pretty mannequin, from head to toe, attired in some quassi-designers ensemble Hadiqa's stage antics are a breath stopper. A sure shot feast not only for the ears but also for eyes, Hadiqa is a true live revolutionary artisan. Her musical sojourn has taken her to diverse and music rich places like USA, Hong Kong, Canada, England, Gulf, Australia, Norway etc on umpteen occasions..

The rest of the world is also catching up on Hadiqa's mania cos she is like a rose garden still in bloom.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Asad Abbas new Mekaal Hasan Band vocalist

Mekaal Hasan Band (MHB) had left their fans impatient and restless after news broke out that they were without a lead singer. It seemed to be a question on everybody's mind and lips: Who would fill up the empty space? However it seems that the guessing game is now finally over. People can finally stop trying to solve this mystery as the band has now announced the addition of a new member to their team.

After certain rumours had developed and managed to infiltrate the air, MHB announced on their official fan page, that they had chosen the youthful and fresh new-comer, Asad Abbas as their lead singer. Asad Abbas is the same soulful singer that had made his presence acknowledged on Pakistan Sangeet Icon, by displaying incredible vocal talent, and further enhancing his position by winning the show, and the one-crore contract!

However, some seemed uncertain about this dramatic change, and almost resentful. Some have raised concern whether this youngster can live up to the band's name and reputation.

On the other hand, we are hopeful, and congratulate Asad on this wonderful opportunity. We wish him and the band success in their journey together, while we're yet again waiting for them impatiently to produce some music together.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Shafqat Amanat Ali's Kyun Doorian to release on Mar 7

In keeping with the tradition of rapid music releases this year, Shafqat Amanat Ali too will be releasing his second solo album at the end of this week - March 7 to be more precise.

Kyun Doorian boasts of 10 tracks plus a bonus track and will be released under the Music Today label.

The album is being publicized as an assortment of visions and moods as apparently there will be 'rock' tracks as well as classical, that Shafqat has taken on in a mix of languages (Urdu and Punjabi is our guess).

Shafqat Amanat Ali's most recent project was 'Tere Naina', a song he sung for the soundtrack of My Name Is Khan. Ironically, while Shafqat is best known for his well-trained, distinctive voice, 'Tere Naina' made very little use of the things that set Shafqat's sound apart from other singers'.

Tabeer, Shafqat's first solo venture had been released in the second half of 2008 and had been a decent album that had won rave reviews for being daringly experimental, but was at some points, just slightly trite. It remains to be seen if Shafqat has broken out of the 'fusion' stereotype in Kyun Doorian or given completely into the commercial demon with the "rock" songs. Or perhaps as a happy third option, has managed to set his classically-trained vocals to classic rock beats, creating interesting tension.

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