Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sana Safinaz

Big indian Wedding has recently published an article in title "Bridal Couture from beyond the border" They wrote "Queens of Pakistan Fashion Empire Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Munir have been efficacious in spreading their reign over the Indian fashion mainstay as well. A fine blend of the eastern and western styling makes the duo’s label, Sana Safinaz, a distinct entity. If you are bride to be and want to go for bridal wear that insinuates the eastern flavor and is yet not Indian, well, you know where to turn. Sana Safinaz is your answer!

“When we design our bridal wear, the preeminent thought process involves creating something beautiful and exclusive, our cuts and styles depict our ingenious designing skills,” state the duo.

Designed for the new- age woman, the Sana Safinaz bridal collection is symbolic of feminine dynamism. “The bride of today is well in control and is sure of her desired look for the big day. Long gone are the days when the mother or mother in-law chose for her. The neo-bride is aware of the latest fashion trends and is conscious of the style and colours that would augment her personality. As for our part, we offer her with a range of bridal wears to pick from keeping in mind what would best suit her body type and complexion,” state the enigmatic designers.

The Indian and Pakistani bridal couture is proverbial to being lavish and rich, despite this similarity, the duo believe there is a colossal disparity between the two, “With the exception of the color red, which both countries love, our sensibilities of bridal couture is quite different. The Indian cuts and technique being bolder vis a vis' the Pakistani styles, which are more restrained when it comes to showing skin.” They add, “Our preference would be to go for long and flowing over short or Choli style. We have observed that the Indian bride is more like the glam gal from Bollywood whereas the Pakistani bride is comparatively more subtle and subdued.”

Regardless of the sundry designing trends followed in both countries, there is an ever growing demand for bridal wear collection form the diva creators form across the border. “To be honest, we haven't stocked any of our bridals in India yet. But we do get a lot of Indian Clients that come to us and are in love with our clothes,” admit the pair. If you desire a piece of their interesting collection, don’t worry, it won’t cost you a visa, Ensemble in Delhi and Mumbai houses some of Sana Safinaz creations.

Delineating the spirit of neo-age woman, the wonder-women of Pakistan fashion industry, are enthused by travel and constantly absorb while globe-trotting,”We get inspired by any thing and every thing. Travel is a great source of inspiration for us. We constantly look to learn and develop new ways to create and embellish.”

When asked for a word of advice for a bride to be, the dynamic duo said,"free your self from fixed concepts pertaining to colors & cuts, be open to inputs from designers you visit. You might be in for a surprise. And yes, do your research and give yourself ample time and choice by considering a number of designers before zeroing down on a particular one. Make sure you have seen the best bridal wear collection and have taken in to account the various price ranges on offer. It’s easy to be tempted so try and remain focused to what you want as well as your budget.”

That’s some fine recommendation and creation form across the line. So what are you waiting for, get set to flaunt the "chic you" draped in a style called ‘eastern westernized’.

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