Saturday, February 27, 2010

Atif Aslam speaks about his Film

Here are Atif Aslam’s exact words

"Admitting that we don’t have much hits on our credits on the big screen would not be a shame but certainly we can improve it . To explore ma talent and the ability to act is the primary reason for me to convince my friends family n myself but not to be in the news certainly. Working with the best and the most senior director of the film industry MR . SHOAIB MANSOOR gives me the opportunity to give you guys ma debut film . I started ma singing career from PAKISTAN and ATIF ASLAM was made by PAKISTAN . I had alot ov offers to work with the BHATT’S , the RAJ’S starring the premium class but certainly wanted to begin from the house and didn’t want to become a choclate hero. Therefore undisputedly ATIF ASLAM was meant to start his filming career frOm PAKISTAN . Here I am “ATIF ASLAM” casted in a FILM named “BOL” as a middle class low profile doctor "

Atif Aslam has also Sung 2 Songs for the Movie ''BOL''

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