Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another Pakistani Song stolen by Indian Film Dulha Mil Gaya Makers

The Song “Dilruba ke jalwe” from the movie Dulha Mil Gaya is not the original composition as the Song is same as “Husnwalon se puchcho” sung by Pakistani Singer Fakhr e Alam, 9 years before.

As per India Times Fakhr Said “The Company which holds the rights to my song brought this to my notice. I went onto the net and confirmed it. All I can say is that this is extremely sad. My company is examining various legal options, but all I want is to be given credit for the song. If they had just asked me, I would have given the song to them free of cost. The fact that my song is being used in such a big film is a great honor for me. As an artiste, I only want acknowledgement for my work.

But as usual the Film Makers are not accepting their fault, and saying they even not listen any song like this before and this is their Original Composition.

But Music Fans can listen both songs below and decide their selves………..

Fakhr e Alam Song

Indian Version

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