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Review of Pakistani Dramas 2010

The year 2010 saw some of the saddest dramas in Pakistan history… most of the best dramas that were aired this year were sad or had tragic endings. It may be that writers find it to be empowering to know that the viewer has shed some tears and that it has impacted their state of mind. The 4 dramas that deserve recognition in 2010 are undoubtedly MeriZaatZarra-e Benishan, Dastaan, Vasl and Daam.

All 4 were top notch Oscar winning performances in different categories. All had room for improvement but overall these 4 dramas in my opinion took Pakistani TV to a new level, they changed 2010 and yes, they have made it harder for everyone else to stay in the competition.

MZZB had a fairly conventional story, nothing too exciting, extremely depressing, yet engaging. It is probably one of the most talked of drama of 2010. The reason why MZZB is what it is, is because of Faisal Qureshi and SumaiyaMumtaz- period. Sarwat and Imran’s roles were underperformed and it’s a pity that they weren’t guided to do better… warna MZZB would have been drama of the year. Umaira Ahmed… couldn’t you have made it any more sadder? Maybe we could have cried some more… really- the drama was stretched beyond need, the vision was left unclear and at one point it became frustrating to watch the drama. Baber Javaid – you have yet to win my heart. There were flaws all over the map and as a director, he failed MZZB.

Vasl – different story, people for some reason liked this drama a lot. Was I sleeping through most of it, because I still can’t understand why everyone liked it! Yet again, sad sadsad… I mean how much does a woman have to go through to get a little bit of joy in her life! At least the ending was decent! Direction by Mehreen was above average, I have no complaints. Samira ji… please, some happy endings and a little more joy would be appreciated for next time.

Daam- Brilliantly written by Umaira Ahmed, yet ending was not satisfactory for a lot of the viewers, although I liked itJFinally we see some direction that I would take pride in calling work of art by a Pakistani! A story with a message, a glimpse of our society at different levels. This drama was a masterpiece. It may not get as much recognition by its viewers simply because of the fact that the ending was not as glamorous or as romantic as they may have wanted, but for me… this drama hit all cords! Loved it.

Dastaan – Bas aik kami rehgayee… Humaiyoon Saeedko end mein aakay Bano say shadi kar leni chahiye thi, just like he rescues Zara in Daam I am a Dastaan fan, not because it is about my love (Pakistan) or because it highlights the plight of women, or the disgusting facts surrounding Pakistan’s past and present, but because of Bano. She won my heart. SanamBaloch – actress of the year for Bano. Dastaan is #1 for me because each and every single actor (with the exception of Mehreen) outperformed in their roles, the drama was flawless, the director took it to a level of perfection never seen before in Pakistani history, the entire team took a novel and made it a masterpiece – a true Pakistani heritage!

There is no doubt for me that the best drama is Dastaan; the best director is Haissam H; the best writer is Razia Butt/Samira F for Dastaan; the best actor male is Faisal Qureshi for MZZB and best actress female is Sanam for Dastaan. Best OST… it took me a week to figure this one out… MZZB is no doubt awesome because of its lyrics, but its just way too depressing… on the other hand, Aasmanoo say utaranoor hai koi is magical, Sohail’s voice takes you to heaven, relaxes you, enchants the listener… for me Sohail takes the Grammys… sorry Rahat, better luck next time
There are so many dramas and serials that are produced each year. There was Dolly ki aye gibaraat, Manchalay,Shehraydilkaydarwazay, Ishqgumshudaetcetc etc… what makes a drama a super hit is the impact that it leaves on the viewer… this has been my personal opinion… now tell me what you think. Let’s hope to see much more brilliant work in 2011

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